I really resonated with this one, River. Your description of Kalina was wonderful--I love meeting people with that kind of quiet, intuitive self-trust.

I spent a lot of my first 18 years feeling relatively disembodied, but was lucky enough to stumble early onto certain practices like T'ai Chi, dreamwork, and meditation that helped me connect more with my body-based intuition.

I look forward to digging deeper into your writing!

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Thanks for sharing some of the resources. I had gone back and read some of your stuff on somatic descent (meditation) and got the audiobook you linked to. I have done some of the exercises and have found I tend to fall asleep during them about half the time so I am not sure how to work against that from happening. As a result, I have not been pursuing it as much as I would like to. Many of the other activities you mention I already do in some capacity, and the mythosomatic dream work seems interesting. I’m curious is that like Hillman style dream work and active imagination stuff or more like dream interpretation? Have you come across Pierre Grimes’ dream work stuff he has adopted from the early Greeks?

I suspect enhanced somatic resonance or embodied cognition as I would call it (I think I might like your term better) is one of the major things people could benefit from. John Vervaeke has pointed towards the science and literature showing the insight cascades that result from flow states where intuition is the main thing driving your decisions, happens to be more right more of the time than our overly celebrated propositional “rational” (Left-brainier) Cartesian, nomological, materalist, dualist “self.” In other words, I appreciate your work in this regard.

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